HOW do i make a booking?

Click here to go to the “Request your Consultation” page and provide all information requested to the best of your ability! Mike will be in contact with you shortly.

To increase your chance of getting a booking, please keep in mind that requests for Mike’s available designs are prioritised, as are concepts and ideas that Mike is artistically drawn to.


Do i need to pay a deposit?

Appointments require a $100 deposit to secure your booking, which comes off the total cost of your tattoo on the day. This deposit is both non-refundable and non-transferable, and exists to protect the business in circumstances of sudden cancellation and to compensate the artist for the time, effort, and income lost. If the deposit is not paid within 24 hours of approval you will need to resubmit your inquiry.



Mike offers full day and half day rates, which can be found here. For smaller designs, the minimum is $150. This will be discussed and agreed on during the booking process, as each tattoo is individual and unique.


what payment methods do you accept?

Our studio only accepts cash as payment, we have no eftpos facilities. There are a number of ATMs close by, on John Street.


what happens if i need to cancel or move my booking?

If you can not make your appointment, please email Mike as soon as possible to reschedule. Please try and avoid cancelling or moving your appointment unless absolutely necessary, as we have a firm non-refundable and non-transferable policy on all deposits.



Designs are drawn and prepared to be shown on the day of your appointment. Time is always factored in for any minor changes you might have! Major changes will incur a redraw fee starting at $100, so it’s important to communicate exactly what you want when you make your booking. 


Why Can’t I see my design before my appointment?

  • Tattoo artists create designs each and every day they tattoo. They are done in order, usually two days before the appointment.
  • Sending through the design to a client before the appointment opens the artist up to the risk of the client cancelling the appointment and stealing the design, taking it to a cheaper and less skilled artist.
  • It’s natural to be excited when you receive your design and want to show it to everyone you know. This presents two problems:
    • Anyone you send it to may take the design and give it to another artist to trace, copying your tattoo and stealing the artists design.
    • The people you send it to, who have no artistic or tattoo knowledge, will give you conflicting opinions and criticism until you no longer like your concept anymore.
  • When you made your booking you have decided that you like Mike’s style and work. Trust that Mike will put his heart and soul into creating you a tattoo that you will treasure forever.


How should i prepare for my tattoo session?

  • Moisturising your skin daily in the days leading up to, and even weeks in advance, is something you should be doing. However, do not moisturise your skin on the day of your appointment. 
  • Please keep the area clean and free from sunburn, fake tan, cuts, and scrapes leading up to your appointment.
  • Get a good night’s sleep! 
  • Shower immediately beforehand. It’s important to ensure maximum cleanliness in the sterile environment of the studio. Apply deodorant. 
  • It is important to eat before your appointment and to drink water. Stay hydrated! 
  • Dress comfortably and appropriately for your tattoo! Make sure the area you are getting tattooed is easily accessible.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early for your appointment.


Can i use numbing cream?

We prefer you do not use numbing cream for your tattoo appointment, it can cause issues with your skin and effect how well it receives ink, negatively affecting the final outcome of your finished tattoo. We advise avoiding brands like ‘TKTX’ and ‘Tattoo Numbing Cream Co’ as we find these creams are poor quality and have caused adverse reactions in people’s skin.



The carpark at the Salisbury Railway Station, opposite John Lane, offers full day parking at a reasonable rate and is a short 30 second walk from the studio. Free parking in the area can be found, if you’re willing to search for it!


Can i bring a friend or family member to my tattoo session?

We understand getting a tattoo can be an experience that brings feelings of nervousness and you are more than welcome to bring a support person with you! Please be advised that due to limited space in the tattoo stations, they will have to remain in the lobby while you are being tattooed. 


How do i care for my new tattoo?

If second skin was applied to your finished tattoo, please skip to the section below.

  • Remove the clingfilm wrap from your tattoo two hours after it was wrapped.
  • Wash your hands with anti-bacterial, fragrance free soap.
  • Using the same soap, with your clean hand, gently wash your tattoo, until the dried plasma and blood has been removed. Always pat dry, do not rub.
  • Apply a very thin layer of aftercare cream lightly 2-3 times a day for 10 days. I recommend Dr. Pickles or Bamboo Goo.
  • Never scratch or pick at your tattoo as it heals. 
  • Do not go in the ocean, or any spa or pool, until fully healed.
  • Keep your tattoo covered and out direct sunlight until fully healed.
  • Once your tattoo is healed, always apply sunblock and avoid direct sunlight, if possible, to avoid your tattoo fading.

Second Skin