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Who is Mike Knot?

Hi, I'm Mike. I spent over five years at the helm of some of the most successful tech startups in the world, until one day I realized that each morning I had started facing my alarm clock with a sense of dread. In that moment I made the choice that would change my life. I handed my resignation to a profoundly confused CEO, taking a leap of faith to pursue my dream: to be a tattoo artist. Today, I have the privilege of doing my apprenticeship alongside talented artists and using my 15 years of design and fine art education and experience to bring unique and meaningful designs to life for my clients. I've learned from some of the best artists in the industry, and I can't wait to create something special with you.


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Mike is committed to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation to ensure the safety and comfort of his clients. Our team takes great care to sterilise all equipment and surfaces before every tattoo session, your safety is our #1 priority. Mike also uses only the best machines, inks, and needles to ensure the most impressive results. In addition to our rigorous hygiene and sanitation practices, we are proud to be an inclusive and safe space for all individuals, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. We strive to create a welcoming and professional environment for everyone who walks through our doors, and we are committed to making sure that everyone feels completely at ease during their time with us. So whether you're getting your first tattoo or adding to your collection, you can trust that Mike will do everything he can to make sure your experience is as perfect as you imagine it.


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I have had the pleasure of getting four tattoos done by Mike, and will be back for more. He approaches his work, not as someone who just tattoos for a living, but as someone who is genuinely proud and passionate about the artwork he does, putting care and attention into every line he completes. Mike also gives careful attention to cleanliness and sanitisation as a high priority throughout the tattooing process, and enthusiastically assists with post-tattoo care, not just to protect the art he helps to create, but to protect his clients as well. I look forward to getting my next tattoo done, hopefully before Mike is booked out months in advance.


I have been tattooed by many artists over the years, and I can safely say working with Mike was the most enjoyable experience I’ve had. He brought my simple idea to life with a beautiful design, integrated my feedback promptly and gave me advice on placement while respecting my decision. One thing not enough people talk about is the atmosphere when being tattooed — with Mike it was the perfect blend of professionalism and familiarity. My comfort was his top priority, I felt safe and heard the whole time and he checked in with me to make sure I was alright, whether I needed a bathroom break or a drink etc. He talked with me when I needed distracting, but was equally happy to let me zone out; I didn’t feel pressured to keep up the talk. I am extremely happy with my piece, I’ve had so many compliments on it already. The colours pop, the light and shade make it look almost real, and the linework is on par with tattooists who’ve been in the game for decades. I’m never letting anyone else near my skin with a needle again, Mike has earned my unwavering loyalty. My piece by mike is my absolute favourite; from beginning to end the entire experience was unmatched. Mike has a blend of professionalism, artistry and familiarly which come together to make him the kind of tattoo artist people dream of.


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Small Design

$ 200+

Depending on size and complexity

Online Consultation
Complimentary Coffee & Drinks
Highest Quality Inks & Needles


Half-Day Session

$ 375


Online Consultation

Complimentary Coffee & Drinks

Highest Quality Inks & Needles

Personal Headphones & Streaming Services.


Full-Day Session

$ 650


Online Consultation

Complimentary Coffee & Drinks

Complimentary Lunch

Highest Quality Inks & Needles

Personal Headphones & Streaming Services.

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